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Authorities/Other Agencies of State
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Authorised Access to Certain Names and Addresses Held on the Motor Vehicle Register

Pursuant to section 241 of the Land Transport Act 1998 (“Act”), I authorise the following persons, for the purposes and the term, and on the conditions stated below, to have access to the names and addresses of persons:

  • who are currently registered in respect of a motor vehicle(s); and
  • who have not instructed the Registrar of Motor Vehicles to withhold their details.




Motor Vehicle Traders

(a) To facilitate safety recalls and service campaigns for motor vehicles;
(b) To assist in verifying the person(s) registered in respect of a motor vehicle when the vehicle is being considered for purchase by the Motor Vehicle Trader from another person;
(c) To assist in verifying that change of registered persons has been completed correctly; and
(d) Any other purpose that is necessary to facilitate the sale or purchase of a motor vehicle, other than for marketing purposes.

For a period expiring on 31 October 2016.


  1. Names and addresses are accessed only by the Motor Vehicle Trader on its own behalf, and solely for its own use;
  2. names and addresses may only be accessed for a specified purpose;
  3. the fees charged for the provision of the names and addresses from the Motor Vehicle Register (MVR) are duly paid;
  4. any instances of unauthorised access must immediately be notified to the Secretary for Transport and the Privacy Commissioner;
  5. before being permitted to access the MVR under section 241 of the Act, all staff must receive training that emphasises that such access must only be for a specified purpose, and refresher training of all staff must be undertaken at appropriate intervals;
  6. access must be restricted solely to members of staff for whom authorised access is essential to achieving a specified purpose; and
  7. the names and addresses obtained under this authorisation shall not be disclosed to any third party unless such disclosure is necessarily incidental to achieving a specified purpose.

Dated this 14th day of March 2016.

MICHAEL PAUL BEEDELL, Manager Adjudications, NZ Transport Agency.