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Revocation of Water Recreation (Blue Lake) Notice 1980

Pursuant to Maritime Rule Part 91.22(3)(c), I, Keith Manch, Director of Maritime New Zealand, hereby revoke the Water Recreation (Blue Lake) Notice 1980, as published in the New Zealand Gazette, 18 December 1980, No. 146, page 4067, which provided for a permanent speed uplifting for all the waters of Blue Lake, situated in Block II, St Bathans Survey District, with the exception of the southern portion of the lake as originally marked by notice boards at the water’s edge and as more particularly shown coloured blue on plan M D 16044.

Following this revocation, the applicable speed limits for the whole of Blue Lake are as prescribed in Maritime Rule Part 91.6.

Dated at Wellington this 2nd day of March 2016.

KEITH MANCH, Director of Maritime New Zealand.