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An amendment to this notice was published on 14 January 2016, Issue No. 1, Notice No. 2016-ln19.

Notice Type
Land Notices
Notice Title

Declaration That Land is a Reserve

Pursuant to sections 14(1) and 14(4) of the Reserves Act 1977, the Chief Executive of the Napier City Council hereby notifies that on 12 August 2015 and 23 September 2015 the Napier City Council passed the following resolutions:

“That in exercise of the powers conferred on it by section 14(1) of the Reserves Act 1977, the Napier City Council resolves that the land held by the said city in fee simple, subject to water and pipeline rights created by transfers 85397 and 91141 affecting Computer Freehold Registers HB81/138 and HBJ1/986 and other land being subject to section 59 Land Act 1948 affecting the land contained in computer freehold register HB180/76, described in the Schedule hereto be declared a reserve held for the purposes of recreation; and

That in exercise of the Minister’s powers under clause 14(4) of the Reserves Act 1977, which have been delegated to the Napier City Council pursuant to the Instrument of Delegation For Territorial Authorities dated 12 June 2013, the Napier City Council (having considered any objections) resolves that the resolution to declare the land described in the Schedule hereto to a recreation reserve be gazetted.”

Hawke’s Bay Land District—Napier City


Area (ha) Legal Description Computer Freehold Register
0.2441 Lot 4 DP 4838 HB81/138 Interim
0.0908 Lot 7 DP 4838 HBJ1/986
0.1162 Part Lot 2 DP 16983 HBL4/1130
0.0334 Lot 1 DP 9924 HB180/76


Dated at Napier this 27th day of November 2015.

WAYNE NEIL JACK, Chief Executive, Napier City Council.