An amendment to this notice was published on 28 January 2016, Issue No. 7, Notice No. 2016-ln417.

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Land Notices
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Change of Classification of Reserve

Pursuant to section 24 of the Reserves Act 1977, the Southland District Council, by resolution on 16 September 2015 and acting under delegated authority, changes the classification of the reserve described in the Schedule from a recreation reserve to local purpose (community centre and sports building), subject to the provisions of the Act.

Southland Land District—Southland District



0.1281 Lot 1 DP 482301 (part Computer Freehold Register 415587).
0.0003 Lot 4 DP 482301 (part Computer Freehold Register 415587).

Dated at Invercargill this 14th day of October 2015.

STEVE RURU, Chief Executive, Southland District Council.