An amendment to this notice was published on 3 December 2015, Issue No. 132, Notice No. 2015-ln6981, and a revocation and replacement notice was published on 4 August 2016, Issue No. 69, Notice No. 2016-ln4411.

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Land Notices
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Classification of Recreation Reserve

Section 16(1) of the Reserves Act 1977, allows the Queenstown Lakes District Council (“the Council”) to classify recreation reserves.

Under the provisions of the Reserves Act 1977, the Council passed a resolution at its meeting of 30 July 2015 to declare as recreation reserve the land described in the Schedule hereto.

Otago Land District—Queenstown Lakes District



(more or less)
Block XXXII Town of Queenstown (Certificate of Title OT46/92).
(more or less)
Block LVI Town of Queenstown (Certificate of Title OTB1/1277).

Dated at Queenstown this 21st day of September 2015.

JOANNE CONROY, Property Manager, APL Property Queenstown Limited.

(Ref 29106 71300)