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Land Notices
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Notice of the Final Determinations of the Minister for Land Information on Official Geographic Names

Pursuant to section 16 of the New Zealand Geographic Board (Ngā Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa) Act 2008 (“Act”), notice was given in the New Zealand Gazette, 5 June 2014, No. 59, page 1641, of proposals by the New Zealand Geographic Board Ngā Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa (“Board”) to assign a new and alter existing geographic names.

The Board dealt with the submissions received for the proposals according to section 18 of the Act.

Having considered a report from the Board, I hereby declare that my final determinations, made pursuant to sections 20(2) and 20(3) of the Act, are to assign a new and alter the existing geographic names as described in the Schedule below to official geographic names.

I made my decision on 27 June 2015.

My final determinations on these names will take effect on 17 September 2015.


First Column Second Column Third Column
Official Geographic Name Geographic Feature Type Description

South Auckland Land District

Otūmoetai Suburb Located across Tauranga Harbour from Mount Maunganui and bounded west by the suburb of Matua, southwest by the suburbs of Bellevue and Brookfield and east by Waikareao Estuary. NZTopo50-BD37 774259. Alteration from Otumoetai (recorded name).
Otūmoetai Beach Beach A beach within Tauranga Harbour, located on the northern shores of the suburb of Otūmoetai, extending east from Tilby Point for approximately 2km to the eastern most end of Beach Road. From NZTopo50-BD36 756274 to NZTopo50-BD37 776268. Assigning a new name to an unnamed feature (locally known as Otumoetai Beach).
Otūmoetai Channel Seachannel An undersea feature within Tauranga Harbour, located off the northern shores of the suburb of Otūmoetai, extending from its confluence with Tilby Channel and Western Channel, and trending east for approximately 4.5km to its confluence with Stella Passage. Width varies around 300m, with tidal depth ranging from 1–6m. From NZTopo50-BD37 767284 to 802276. Depicted on Chart NZ 5412. 37.66°S Latitude, 176.15°E Longitude. Alteration from Otumoetai Channel (recorded name).
Otūmoetai Pā Historic Pā Site A historic Pā site located on the northern shores of the suburb of Otūmoetai. NZTopo50-BD37 769269. Alteration from Otumoetai Pa (recorded name).

Dated at Wellington this 17th day of September 2015.

Hon LOUISE UPSTON, Minister for Land Information.