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Land Notices
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Amending a Notice—Land Declared No Longer Required for Education Purposes

Pursuant to section 70A of the Education Act 1989, and pursuant to an authority delegated to me, I, Gary Anaru, Group Manager, Service Delivery, Ministry of Education, Wellington, amend an error in the notice declaring land no longer required for education purposes dated the 11th day of August 2015 and published in the New Zealand Gazette, 13 August 2015, Issue No. 88, Notice No. 2015-ln4719 by omitting in the Schedule Description

“Block XIII Glenkenich Survey District”

and inserting

“Block V Town of Tapanui”

in its place.

Dated at Wellington this 8th day of September 2015.

GARY ANARU, Group Manager, Service Delivery, Ministry of Education.