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Land Notices
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Restriction Created—Lake Road, Ngaruawahia, Waikato District

Pursuant to section 236 of the Public Works Act 1981, and to a delegation from the Minister for Land Information, Jemma Cooper, Land Information New Zealand, declares the land described in the Schedule (“servient land”) to be subject to the following restrictions:


Gully Plantings means the restoration plantings carried out in accordance with the Lake Road Gully Ecological Mitigation Plan prepared by Kessels and Associates dated the 3rd day of May 2012.

Resource Consent means Resource Consent 121578 issued by Waikato Regional Council.

1. No person shall:

1.1 Fell, remove, clear, burn or cause or permit to be felled, removed, cleared or burned any of the Gully Plantings on the servient land;

1.2 carry out any burning or chemical spraying on the servient land;

1.3 carry out any activity which might have an adverse effect on the Gully Plantings;

1.4 permit stock to access or carry out stock grazing on the servient land;

1.5 allow any fences, gates or other structures surrounding the servient land erected to protect the servient land from livestock to be in other than stockproof condition;

1.6 allow the Gully Plantings to fall into disrepair;

1.7 otherwise do anything on the servient land or to the siting of the Gully Plantings so as to cause a breach of the Resource Consent.

2. The covenants contained herein shall be enforceable only against the owners and occupiers from time to time of the servient land.

3. The restrictions contained in this notice shall expire on 16 December 2023.

South Auckland Land District—Waikato District


Part Section 66 SO 474326 (Part Computer Freehold Register 687922); marked “AC” on SO 474326.

Part Section 72 SO 474326 (Part Computer Freehold Register 687923); marked “AB” on SO 474326.

Dated at Wellington this 7th day of August 2015.

J. COOPER, for the Minister for Land Information.

(LINZ CPC/2007/12509)