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Standard 5.1.1 – Revocation and Transitional Provisions – 2014 Revision – Food Standards (Proposal P1025 – Code Revision) Variation—Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code – Amendment No. 154

The Board of Food Standards Australia New Zealand gives notice of the making of this standard under section 92 of the Food Standards Australia New Zealand Act 1991.

The Standard commences on 1 March 2016.

Dated 25 March 2015

Standards Management Officer, Delegate of the Board of Food Standards Australia New Zealand.


This Standard will be published in the Commonwealth of Australia Gazette No. FSC 96 on 10 April 2015.

Division 1 Preliminary

5.1.1—1 Name

This Standard is Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code – Standard 5.1.1 – Revocation and Transitional Provisions – 2014 revision.

Note 1 This instrument is a standard under the Food Standards Australia New Zealand Act 1991 (Cth). The standards together make up the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code. See also section 1.1.1—3.

Note 2 This instrument is part of a revision of the Code made in 2014 in which most of the Standards are repealed and replaced by new versions.

Note 3 The provisions of the Code that apply in New Zealand are incorporated in, or adopted under, the Food Act 2014 (NZ). See also section 1.1.1—3.

Note 4 Commencement: This Standard commences on 1 March 2016, being the date specified as the commencement date in notices in the Gazette and the New Zealand Gazette under section 92 of the Food Standards Australia New Zealand Act 1991 (Cth). See also section 93 of that Act.

Division 2 Revocations

5.1.1—2 Revocation of standards

The following standards are revoked:

(a) Standard 1.1.1—Preliminary Provisions – Application, Interpretation and General Prohibitions;

(b) Standard 1.1.2—Supplementary Definitions for Foods;

(c) Standard 1.1A.6—Transitional Standard for Special purposes Foods (including Amino Acid Modified Foods);

(d) Standard 1.2.1—Application of Labelling and Other Information Requirements;

(e) Standard 1.2.2—Food Identification Requirements;

(f) Standard 1.2.3—Mandatory Warning and Advisory Statements and Declarations;

(g) Standard 1.2.4—Labelling of Ingredients;

(h) Standard 1.2.5—Date Marking of Packaged Food;

(i) Standard 1.2.6—Directions for Use and Storage;

(j) Standard 1.2.7—Nutrition and Health Claims;

(k) Standard 1.2.8—Nutrition Information Requirements;

(l) Standard 1.2.9—Legibility Requirements;

(m) Standard 1.2.10—Characterising Ingredients and Components of Food;

(n) Standard 1.2.11—Country of Origin Requirements;

(o) Standard 1.3.1—Food Additives;

(p) Standard 1.3.2—Vitamins and Minerals;

(q) Standard 1.3.3—Processing Aids;

(r) Standard 1.3.4—Identity and Purity;

(s) Standard 1.4.1—Contaminants and Natural Toxicants;

(t) Standard 1.4.2—Maximum Residue Limits;

(u) Standard 1.4.3—Articles and Materials in Contact with Food;

(v) Standard 1.4.4—Prohibited and Restricted Plants and Fungi;

(w) Standard 1.5.1—Novel Foods;

(x) Standard 1.5.2—Food produced using Gene Technology;

(y) Standard 1.5.3—Irradiation of Food;

(z) Standard 1.6.1—Microbiological Limits in Food;

(aa) Standard 1.6.2—Processing Requirements;

(bb) Standard 2.1.1—Cereals and Cereal Products;

(cc) Standard 2.2.1—Meat and Meat Products;

(dd) Standard 2.2.2—Egg and Egg Products;

(ee) Standard 2.2.3—Fish and Fish Products;

(ff) Standard 2.3.1—Fruit and Vegetables;

(gg) Standard 2.3.2—Jam;

(hh) Standard 2.4.1—Edible Oils;

(ii) Standard 2.4.2—Edible Oils Spreads;

(jj) Standard 2.5.1—Milk;

(kk) Standard 2.5.2—Cream;

(ll) Standard 2.5.3—Fermented Milk Products;

(mm) Standard 2.5.4—Cheese;

(nn) Standard 2.5.5—Butter;

(oo) Standard 2.5.6—Ice Cream;

(pp) Standard 2.5.7—Dried Milks, Evaporated Milks and Condensed Milks;

(qq) Standard 2.6.1—Fruit Juice and Vegetable Juice;

(rr) Standard 2.6.2—Non-Alcoholic Beverages and Brewed Soft Drinks;

(ss) Standard 2.6.3—Kava;

(tt) Standard 2.6.4—Formulated Caffeinated Beverages;

(uu) Standard 2.7.1—Labelling of Alcoholic Beverages and Food containing Alcohol;

(vv) Standard 2.7.2—Beer;

(ww) Standard 2.7.3—Fruit Wine and Vegetable Wine;

(xx) Standard 2.7.4—Wine and Wine Product;

(yy) Standard 2.7.5—Spirits;

(zz) Standard 2.8.1—Sugars;

(aaa) Standard 2.8.2—Honey;

(bbb) Standard 2.9.1—Infant Formula Products;

(ccc) Standard 2.9.2—Foods for Infants;

(ddd) Standard 2.9.3—Formulated Meal Replacements and Formulated Supplementary Foods;

(eee) Standard 2.9.4—Formulated Supplementary Sports Foods:

(fff) Standard 2.9.5—Food for Special Medical Purposes;

(ggg) Standard 2.10.1—Vinegar and Related Products;

(hhh) Standard 2.10.2—Salt and Salt Products;

(iii) Standard 2.10.3—Chewing Gum.