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General Notices
Notice Title

Notice of Entry into Possession of Mortgaged Goods

To: Mananui Pty Limited (“the mortgagor”).

HGJ Limited and PRU Trust Limited (together “the mortgagee”) give notice, pursuant to section 156 of the Property Law Act 2007, that on 4 September 2015 it entered into possession of certain goods mortgaged pursuant to security agreements made by the mortgagor in favour of the mortgagee dated the 4th day of September 2014 and the 24th day of September 2014.

The Description of the Mortgaged Goods is: All the present and after-acquired property of the mortgagor.

The address of the mortgagee for communication relating to these goods is Richard Hearn, Corcoran French, Level 1, 166 Moorhouse Avenue (PO Box 13001), Christchurch 8141.