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Authorities/Other Agencies of State
Notice Title

Revoking a Section of Highway and Declaring a Section of State Highway 25, Kopu

Pursuant to section 103 of the Land Transport Management Act 2003, the NZ Transport Agency gives notice with effect from 19 February 2015, that:

  1. Part of State Highway 25 described in the First Schedule is revoked; and
  2. the section of new road described in the Second Schedule is declared to be State Highway 25.

First Schedule

Part of State Highway 25, commencing at the eastern abutment of the old Kopu Bridge at RP 22/0.59 and extending in a generally northeasterly direction to the intersection with the Thames Road at RP 24/0.55. The length of road to be revoked is 0.90 kilometres.

Second Schedule

Part of State Highway 25, commencing 0.90 kilometres from Hauraki Road (RP 12/10.23) at the diverge of the new and old approaches to the western abutment of the Kopu Bridge, and ends to the east at (and including) the newly constructed roundabout at RP 24/0.00, where State Highway 26 now ends. The length of road to be declared is 1.36 kilometres.

Dated at Wellington this 10th day of February 2015.

GEOFF DANGERFIELD, Chief Executive, NZ Transport Agency.