An amendment to this notice was published on 15 October 2018, Notice No. 2018-au5189.

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Authorities/Other Agencies of State
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Notice of Recognition of Competenz Trust as an Industry Training Organisation

Pursuant to section 5(1) of the Industry Training and Apprenticeships Act 1992, Competenz Trust is recognised as an industry training organisation for the following industries:

Mechanical engineering, including fitting and machining, general engineering, metal casting, and toolmaking

Engineering fabrication, including heavy and light fabrication and steel construction, and excluding boat building

Locksmithing and gunsmithing

Lift and escalator servicing

Mechanical building services (formerly known as heating, ventilation and air conditioning services)

Refrigeration and air conditioning

Fire protection systems, including fire detection and protection systems and equipment

Food and beverage processing, including general food processing, poultry processing, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage processing (including wine production), and cigarette and tobacco product manufacturing, but excluding meat, seafood and dairy product manufacturing

Baking, including craft and plant baking of bread, cake, pastry and biscuit products

Retail meat, including butchery, cured meat and smallgoods manufacturing but excluding meat processing

Rail operations and infrastructure, including rail passenger and freight transport, but excluding dairy operations

Forest industries, including forest establishment, forest nursery operation, silviculture and harvesting

Maritime, including the operation of all civilian and Defence Force vessels, but excluding those vessels whose primary purpose is commercial fishing

Wood manufacturing, including solid wood processing, wood panel manufacturing, pulp, paper, paperboard and fibreboard packaging manufacturing, and tissue converting

Furniture manufacturing, including wooden, metal and upholstered furniture and bedding, and furniture (polishing)

Biosecurity industry, including border quarantine activities

General manufacturing, including steel manufacturing, chemical product manufacturing, cosmetics and toiletry preparation manufacturing, soap and other detergent manufacturing, paint, ink, resin and adhesives manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing (excluding compounding of medicines in community and hospital pharmacies)

Plastics processing, including basic polymer manufacturing and polymer manufacturing, but excluding tyre and adhesive products

Glass and glass product manufacturing, including glass processing and engineering for glass blowing and bottle manufacturing

Apparel and textile manufacturing, including clothing and footware manufacturing, wool scouring, natural and synthetic textile manufacturing, textile product manufacturing (floor covering, cut and sewn products, and finishing) and knitted product manufacturing

Laundry and drycleaning services

Journalism, including print, publishing (newspaper, periodical, book, directory), radio, television and digital media

Printing production, including printing and printing support services

Graphic design, marketing and digital communications

Signmaking, including signwriting and sign erection

The recognition takes effect from 1 January 2016.

Dated at Wellington this 10th day of December 2015.

Hon LOUISE UPSTON, Associate Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment.