A related notice was published on 7 September 2018, Notice No. 2018-au4468.

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Authorities/Other Agencies of State
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Active Stop Ahead Sign Trial

Pursuant to subclause 3.4(1) of Land Transport Rule: Traffic Control Devices 2004 (“the Rule”) and a delegation from the NZ Transport Agency, I, Glenn Bunting, Network Manager, authorise the installation and maintenance of active stop ahead signs:

  1. for the purpose described in Schedule 1;
  2. in the form and layout set out in Schedule 2;
  3. at the locations stated in Schedule 3;
  4. for the period specified in Schedule 4; and
  5. subject to the conditions and an evaluation outlined in Schedule 5.

The active stop ahead signs may be installed for the purpose of evaluating their use and the trial will be called the “active stop ahead sign trial”.

Schedule 1—Purpose of trial

The purpose of the trial is to:

  1. enable the installation of active stop ahead signs as an alternative to the W10-1 and W10-1.1 stop ahead warning sign combination as specified in Schedule 1 of the Rule;
  2. evaluate the effectiveness and safety of active stop ahead signs;
  3. assess drivers’ understanding and response to active stop ahead signs; and
  4. measure drivers’ behaviour at intersections controlled by stop signs which have active stop ahead signs installed in advance of the intersection.

Schedule 2—Form and layout of active stop ahead signs

The signs must conform to the following description:

Symbolic warning – Active flashing light (Stop Ahead)

The lights in the top corners of the sign are illuminated and flash alternately when a vehicle is detected approaching the sign

Shape and size

Rectangle 1200 x 1800mm










Lights in the left and right top corners flash alternately

Orange (lit)

100mm diameter


W10-1 sign

As for W10-1 sign

750 x 750mm diamond



Yellow (R)




Yellow (R)


Note: The dimensions, descriptions and terms used to describe the sign in this notice conform to the opening notes in Schedule 1 of the Rule.


Active Stop Ahead Sign

Active stop ahead sign

Schedule 3—Location

The locations approved for this trial are:

Road Controlling Authority


Selwyn District Council

Hamptons Road at the intersection with Shands Road.

Selwyn District Council

Hoskyns Road at the intersection with Sandy Knolls Road.

Selwyn District Council

Maddisons Road at the intersection with Weedons Ross Road.

Selwyn District Council

West Melton Road at the intersection with Hoskyns Road.

Southland District Council

Two Chain Road at the intersection with Riversdale-Waikaia Road.

Schedule 4—Period of trial

The trial may begin after the publication of this notice and, unless terminated earlier, must end by 30 October 2017.

Schedule 5—Conditions and evaluation

  1. An evaluation must be undertaken as outlined in Selwyn District Council’s trial application of 9 March 2015 and include:
    1. Measurement of drivers’ compliance with the stop signs before and after the active stop ahead signs are installed;
    2. analysis of vehicle speed and volume on the approaches to the intersection before and after the active stop ahead signs are installed;
    3. assessment of drivers’ awareness and understanding of the active stop ahead signs;
    4. a study of crashes that occur at the intersection before and after the active stop ahead signs are installed;
    5. a description of any operational problems with the signs during the trial and how they were resolved; and
    6. an assessment of cost and benefits of the signs and activation system as trialled and any recommendations to improve the signs or their operation;
  2. a missing, damaged or malfunctioning sign must be repaired or replaced as soon as possible during the trial.

An interim evaluation report must be sent to me by 30 November 2016 and a final report by 1 February 2018.

Signed at Wellington this 10th day of November 2015.

GLENN BUNTING, Network Manager.