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Declaration by Electoral Commission That Marama Mere-Ana Davidson is Elected a Member of Parliament


  1. The Electoral Commission has received a warrant from His Excellency the Governor-General to supply a member of Parliament to fill a vacancy created by the resignation of Russel William Norman pursuant to section 55(1)(f) of the Electoral Act 1993;
  2. Under section 137(2) of the Electoral Act 1993, the Electoral Commission has determined that, of the unelected candidates on the party list of the Green Party, Marama Mere-Ana Davidson stood highest in the order of preference on that list;
  3. Under section 137(3) of that Act, the Electoral Commission has asked the party secretary of the Green Party whether Marama Mere-Ana Davidson remains a member of that party and the Commission has been informed that she remains a member of that party;
  4. Under section 137(4) of that Act, the Electoral Commission has asked Marama Mere-Ana Davidson whether she is willing to be a Member of Parliament and she has indicated her willingness to be a member of Parliament.

THEREFORE, pursuant to section 137(4) of that Act, the Electoral Commission declares that

Marama Mere-Ana Davidson

is elected as a member of Parliament by publication of this declaration in the New Zealand Gazette.

Dated at Wellington this 2nd day of November 2015.

ROBERT ANDREW PEDEN, Chief Electoral Officer.