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Victoria University of Wellington Council Constitution Notice 2015

Pursuant to section 170 of the Education Act 1989 (“the Act”), the Minister for Tertiary Education gives the following notice.

N o t i c e

1. (1) This notice may be cited as the Victoria University of Wellington Council Constitution Notice 2015.

(2) This notice shall come into force on 1 January 2016.

(3) This notice will replace the previous constitution established in New Zealand Gazette, 13 September 1990, No. 159, page 3353, and amended in the New Zealand Gazette, 3 June 2010, No. 61, page 1792, and New Zealand Gazette, 4 April 2013, No. 39, page 1191.

2. The Council of the Victoria University of Wellington (“Council”) must comprise 12 members as follows:

(a) Four members appointed by the responsible Minister, by written notice to the Council, under section 171(1)(a) of the Education Act 1989; and

(b) Eight members appointed by the Council by resolution, in accordance with its statutes, under section 171(1)(b) of the Education Act 1989.

3. The maximum number of occasions on which a person may be appointed as a member of the Council is three.

Dated at Wellington this 3rd day of September 2015.

Hon STEVEN JOYCE, Minister for Tertiary Education.

Explanatory Note

The term of office of members of the Council, vacation of office, disclosure of interest by members and casual vacancies are covered in sections 173–176 of the Act.

The powers of the Council shall not be affected by vacancy in the membership thereof.