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Rural Sharrow Symbol Road Marking Trial

Pursuant to subclause 3.4(1) of Land Transport Rule: Traffic Control Devices 2004 (“the Rule”) and a delegation from the NZ Transport Agency, I, Glenn Bunting, Network Manager, authorise the installation and maintenance of rural sharrow symbol (shared lane) road markings:

  1. for the purpose described in Schedule 1;
  2. in the form and layout set out in Schedule 2;
  3. at the locations stated in Schedule 3;
  4. for the period specified in Schedule 4; and
  5. subject to an evaluation in accordance with Schedule 5.

The rural sharrow symbol markings may be installed for the purpose of evaluating their use and the trial will be called the “rural sharrow symbol road marking trial”.

Schedule 1—Purpose of trial

The purpose of the trial is to:

  1. evaluate the effectiveness and safety of the sharrow symbol road marking in a rural location;
  2. enable the cycle symbol road marking, which is currently dedicated to identifying cycle lanes, to be used as a component of the sharrow symbol road marking to identify shared lanes;
  3. assess the effect on cyclists’ and drivers’ behaviour where sharrows are marked in a rural location.

Schedule 2—Form and layout of sharrow markings

  1. The sharrow symbol for marking a shared lane for this trial must consist of:
    1. the cycle symbol illustrated in diagram M2-3 in Schedule 2 of the Rule; and
    2. two chevrons pointing forward, marked beyond the cycle symbol;
  2. the sharrow symbol marking must be white;
  3. the dimensions of the sharrow symbol marking must comply with the following layout diagram:


Sharrow marking

Sharrow marking on an 80mm grid showing dimensions for installation on rural roads.

Schedule 3—Location

The location approved for this trial is Roto-O-Rangi Road, Cambridge, Waipa District.

Schedule 4—Period of trial

The trial may begin after the publication of this notice and, unless terminated earlier, must end by 30 September 2015.

Schedule 5—Conditions and evaluation

An evaluation must be undertaken including analysis of the following:

  1. The speed of motor vehicles passing cycles;
  2. the gap between cycles and passing motor vehicles;
  3. the lateral position of cycles on the roadway;
  4. the lateral position of cycles relative to the sharrow marking;
  5. any effects on the behaviour of motorists or cyclist which are attributable to the sharrow markings.

An evaluation report must be sent to me by 30 September 2015.

Signed at Wellington this 2nd day of July 2015.

GLENN BUNTING, Network Manager.