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Notification of Determination of Amendments to Input Methodologies Applicable to Airport Services—Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) Percentile

In accordance with section 52W of the Commerce Act 1986 (“the Act”), the Commerce Commission (“Commission”) gives public notice that it has determined without amendment the input methodologies governing the airports WACC percentile under Part 4 of the Act.

The Commission issued a notice of intention under sections 52V and 52X of the Act on 31 March 2014 to begin work on proposed amendments to input methodologies including those for airport services WACC percentile.

The Commission has decided not to make amendments to the airport services WACC percentile at this time.

The Commission will instead give further consideration to airport services WACC percentile as part of the review of input methodologies under section 52Y of the Act that commenced on 10 June 2015.

The Commission’s decision and its reasons are set out in the Airport Services (Weighted Average Cost of Capital) Input Methodology Amendments Determination 2015 [2015] NZCC 16.

Copies of the Commission’s decision are available on the Commission’s website at

and are available for inspection free of charge at the Commission (during ordinary office hours), or for purchase at a reasonable price at the Commission, 44 The Terrace, Wellington.

Dated at Wellington this 18th day of June 2015.