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Authorities/Other Agencies of State
Notice Title

Notification of Ordinary Rules

In accordance with section 34(2) of the Civil Aviation Act 1990, notice is hereby given that the Associate Minister of Transport signed the following ordinary Civil Aviation Rules on 8 April 2015 which will come into force on 1 August 2015:

Part 1—Definitions and Abbreviations, Amendment 48 (CAA Docket 15/CAR/1)

Part 12—Accidents, Incidents and Statistics, Amendment 8 (CAA Docket 15/CAR/1)

Part 19—Transition Rules, Amendment 17 (CAA Docket 15/CAR/1)

Part 47—Aircraft Registration and Marking, Amendment 5 (CAA Docket 15/CAR/1)

Part 91—General Operating and Flight Rules, Amendment 24 (CAA Docket 15/CAR/1)

Part 101—Gyrogliders and Parasails; and Unmanned Balloons, Kites, Rockets and Model Aircraft Operating Rules, Amendment 6 (CAA Docket 15/CAR/1)

Part 102—Unmanned Aircraft Operator Certification (CAA Docket 15/CAR/1)

These ordinary rules are available for inspection at the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand, Level 15, Asteron Centre, 55 Featherston Street (PO Box 3555), Wellington 6011.

They may be downloaded from the CAA website

or purchased from Vertia, freephone 0800 438 785.

Dated at Wellington this 7th day of May 2015.

GRAEME HARRIS, Director of Civil Aviation.