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Notification of Commencement of Review of the Standard Terms Determination Non-Price Terms for Unbundled Bitstream Access Services

In accordance with section 30R of the Telecommunications Act 2001 (“the Act”), the Commerce Commission gives public notice of its decision to commence a review of the standard terms determination (“STD”) for the unbundled bitstream access service (“UBA”). The review will consider the non-price terms of the UBA STD General Terms and Service Description.

Under section 30R(1) of the Act, the Commission may, on its own initiative, commence a review, at any time, of all or any of the terms specified in a STD.

The Commission intends to issue a draft decision for this section 30R review after the final pricing review determination is made. The closing date for submissions by interested parties on the draft decision for this section 30R review is four weeks after the draft decision is issued. The Commission will provide updates on the process for the review on its website.

Material relevant to this review can be found on the Commission’s website at