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Legislation (Official Electronic Versions) Notice 2014

The Chief Parliamentary Counsel gives the following notice.
1. Official electronic versions of legislation are issued on and from 6 January 2014 under section 17 of the Legislation Act 2012 and are available free of charge on the New Zealand Legislation website.
2. Official electronic versions of legislation:
(a) are issued in portable document format (PDF) on
the New Zealand Legislation website and display the New Zealand Coat of Arms on their front page; and
(b) may also contain a statement that the legislation is issued under the authority of the New Zealand Government or under the Legislation Act 2012 or was originally issued under a corresponding former Act.
These features are set out in the Legislation (Official Versions) Regulations 2013 made under section 22 of the Legislation Act 2012.
3. A printed version of legislation that is produced directly from an official electronic version is also an official version.
4. The legal status of official versions of legislation, as originally enacted or made, or that are reprints of legislation, is set out in section 18 of the Legislation Act 2012. An official version of legislation is taken to correctly set out the text of the legislation, unless the contrary is shown.
5. For more information about official versions of legislation please refer to the New Zealand Legislation website at
Dated this 6th day of January 2014.
DAVID NOBLE, Chief Parliamentary Counsel.