Notice Type
Notice Title

Notice of Intention to Restore Companies to the Register

Section 328 of the Companies Act 1993

Take notice that the Registrar of Companies proposes to restore the following companies to the Register, on the application of the persons named below, on the grounds that such companies were either carrying on business or some other reason existed for them to remain on the Register or were party to legal proceedings or were in liquidation at the time of removal:

13K LIMITED. Applicant: Gerard Peter Boerlage (IDL Accounts Limited), PO Box 25383, St Heliers, Auckland 1740.
24/7 TRAVELS AND TOUR LIMITED. Applicant: Zoheb Khan, 19 San Vito Place, Henderson, Auckland 0612.
8Q8 LIMITED. Applicant: Margaret Daniel (Taurus Group Limited), PO Box 42132, Tower Junction, Christchurch 8149.
AAA NANDS INVESTMENT LIMITED. Applicant: Arun Lata Nand, 51 Exmouth Road, Northcote, Auckland 0627.
ACCESS GROUP (NEW ZEALAND) LIMITED. Applicant: David John Ratu, PO Box 13069, Onehunga, Auckland 1643.
AL MARTIN INVESTMENTS LIMITED. Applicant: Jonathan Robert Constant Hurst (Jonathan Hurst & Associates Limited), PO Box 8, Te Awamutu 3840.
ALBANY CITY DEVELOPMENT LIMITED. Applicant: Garry Rex Looker, PO Box 128310, Remuera, Auckland 1541.
ALLSTAR PROPERTIES LIMITED. Applicant: Christopher Adrian Walker (Walker & Co Limited), PO Box 113025, Newmarket, Auckland 1149.
ATW ADMINISTRATION LIMITED. Applicant: Cindy Wan, 13 Spencer Road, Oteha, Auckland 0632.
AWAITI COMPANY LIMITED. Applicant: Simmone Meria Hoete, PO Box 4369, Mount Maunganui South, Mount Maunganui 3149.
B F LOGAN LIMITED. Applicant: Debbie Heaford (Nairn Fisher Limited), PO Box 1440, Rotorua 3040.
BIO ENERGY SYSTEMS LIMITED. Applicant: Matthew David French (Francken & Co), PO Box 3058, Caversham, Dunedin 9045.
CANTERBURY SHOEING LIMITED. Applicant: Tania Jean Estreich, 143 Wards Road, RD 2, Ashburton 7772.
CASPA LIMITED. Applicant: Sharon Griffiths (Focus Chartered Accountants Limited), PO Box 302, Whakatane 3158.
COASTAL DUNES LIMITED. Applicant: Jessica Louise Hall (Grigg Le Page), PO Box 30250, Lower Hutt 5040.
CROWN PARK STUD LIMITED. Applicant: Marian Leake (RSM Prince), PO Box 204276, Highbrook, Auckland 2161.
CROWNZ LIMITED. Applicant: Stephen James Gibson (Steve Gibson Chartered Accountants Limited), PO Box 173, Te Awamutu 3840.
DANNY AND TRACEY WRIGLEY TRUSTEE LIMITED. Applicant: Danny Wrigley, 22 Anne McLean Drive, Bayview, Auckland 0629.
DBC TRUSTEES LIMITED. Applicant: Marline Prasad (Gilligan Rowe & Associates LP), PO Box 9918, Newmarket, Auckland 1149.
FLATBUSH INVESTMENT GROUP LIMITED. Applicant: Karen Hunter (Pat Callinan Accounting Limited), PO Box 38998, Howick, Auckland 2145.
H O TRUSTEE LIMITED. Applicant: Kingsley Croydon Thompson, 9/338 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, Auckland 1011.
HBS TRUSTEES NO 72 LIMITED. Applicant: Dorothy Mary Stewart (Helmore Stewart), PO Box 44, Rangiora 7440.
IBS INDEPENDENT BUILDING SOLUTIONS LIMITED. Applicant: Kylie Kirk (Far North District Council), Private Bag 752, Kaikohe 0440.
IN COLOUR LIMITED. Applicant: James Andrew Butler, 125 Rolleston Drive, Rolleston 7614.
J D MARKETING LIMITED. Applicant: Cyril Ralph Childs (Cyril Childs Chartered Accountant Limited), PO Box 28132, Beckenham, Christchurch 8242.
JAC LIMITED. Applicant: Laurie Pallett (Hall’s Agencies Limited), PO Box 85, Wellington 6140.
JAK CONSULTING SERVICES LIMITED. Applicant: Glenn Raymond Lovell, 300400, Riyadh 11372, Saudi Arabia.
JT & PF PROPERTIES LIMITED. Applicant: Janette Baird Third, 50 Ranui Avenue, Ranui, Auckland 0612.
K M TRADING N.Z. LIMITED. Applicant: Garry Colin Keleher, 10B Cypress Street, Judea, Tauranga 3110.
KNIGHT LOGGING LIMITED. Applicant: Tony David Fleming (Nisbett Fleming Limited), PO Box 54, Motueka 7143.
LEVA LIMITED. Applicant: Brian Bannister, PO Box 25134, Featherston Street, Wellington 6146.
M V T LIMITED. Applicant: Emma Maree Gardiner (Parkers Business Solutions Limited), PO Box 640, Blenheim 7240.
MAINLAND PROPERTY (2004) LIMITED. Applicant: Christopher Gerard Kelliher, 3 Leeds Lane, Queenstown 9300.
MAUAO HOLDING LIMITED. Applicant: Simmone Meria Hoete, PO Box 4369, Mount Maunganui South, Mount Maunganui 3149.
NGAI TE RANGI HI IKA COMPANY LIMITED. Applicant: Penetaka Bryan Dickson, PO Box 4369, Mount Maunganui South, Mount Maunganui 3149.
NMR LIMITED. Applicant: Richard James Beca, PO Box 91441, Victoria Street West, Auckland 1142.
NORTHERN TRUSTEE SERVICES (NO.35) LIMITED. Applicant: Brian Robert Ellis (Ellis Law), PO Box 4516, Shortland Street, Auckland 1140.
NSITECK INTERNATIONAL LIMITED. Applicant: Zhuo Peng, 134 Aviemore Drive, Highland Park, Auckland 2010.
NZ PREMIUM DEVELOPMENT LIMITED. Applicant: James Wu (James Accounting Services), 5 Helicon Place, Totara Vale, Auckland 0629.
ON Q SECURITY LIMITED. Applicant: Samar William (SBA Sydenham), PO Box 21317, Edgeware, Christchurch 8143.
P & L CONSTRUCTION LIMITED. Applicant: Phillip Harvey (Hargreen Limited), The Old Post Office, Raurimu Road, RD 1, Owhango 3989.
PERFECT MEAT SOLUTIONS NEW ZEALAND LIMITED. Applicant: Carol Marshall (RPL Accountants Limited), PO Box 26314, Epsom, Auckland 1344.
PRETTY NAILS LIMITED. Applicant: Richard John Wimsett (Wimsetts Limited), PO Box 12174, Ahuriri, Napier 4144.
PRO-FENCE & WALL LIMITED. Applicant: Brierley Lau (Inland Revenue), PO Box 2198, Wellington 6140.
R W SEWELL LIMITED. Applicant: Alan Sinclair Henry, PO Box 292, Whitianga 3542.
RS ENHANCEMENTS LIMITED. Applicant: Mark Deck, 91 Main Road, Tawa, Wellington 5028.
SCIASCIA FISHING LIMITED. Applicant: William Duncan, 3 Moreton Road, Carterton 5713.
SHINING LAND PROPERTY LIMITED. Applicant: Yoon Lee, 23 Northboro Road, Hauraki, Auckland 0622.
SHNAYDERMAN I LIMITED. Applicant: Eric Jun Foong Chin (J & E Associates), PO Box 64391, Botany, Auckland 2163.
SOHAM PROPERTIES LIMITED. Applicant: Ahmed Mohammed (Reddy Taxation Services Limited), 459 Richardson Road, Mount Roskill, Auckland 1041.
SOUTHERN CEY HOLDINGS LIMITED. Applicant: Asitha Abeysinghe, 136 Dee Street, Invercargill 9810.
THAMES AGENTS & CONSULTANTS LIMITED. Applicant: Stephen Business One Limited, PO Box 28, Thames 3540.
THE BAKING COMPANY LIMITED. Applicant: Jafar Ali (JK Accounting & Financial Solutions Limited), 23A Elizabeth Avenue, Papatoetoe, Auckland 2025.
THOUGHT BOX BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LIMITED. Applicant: Allan Kennith Wilkins, 6E/18 Cranbrook Place, Glendowie, Auckland 1071.
TIMON LIMITED. Applicant: Hannah Karen Nimot, PO Box 30614, Lower Hutt 5040.
TK-KOVATI LIMITED. Applicant: Vai Vaoga, 43 Charlenne Close, Ranui, Auckland 0612.
TRUE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LIMITED. Applicant: Sally Anne Drummond, 54/43 Mulgrave Street, Thorndon, Wellington 6011.
UHO SOLUTIONS LIMITED. Applicant: Moana Ellen Smith-Dunlop, 159 Millricks Line, RD 2, Palmerston North 4472.
VITADEER (NZ) LIMITED. Applicant: Carol Marshall (RPL Accountants Limited), PO Box 26314, Epsom, Auckland 1344.
VNG PROPERTY LIMITED. Applicant: Guanlin Qing, PO Box 41439, St Lukes, Auckland 1346.
WAIRIMU INTERNATIONAL LIMITED. Applicant: Chatfield & Co Limited, PO Box 8722, Symonds Street, Auckland 1150.
WHEELAN INDUSTRIES LIMITED. Applicant: Carol Marshall (RPL Accountants Limited), PO Box 26314, Epsom, Auckland 1344.
YI NIU LIMITED. Applicant: Yi Niu, 102 Stapleford Crescent, Browns Bay, Auckland 0630.

Any person who wishes to object must do so by email to by 11 December 2014 (being not less than 20 working days from the date of this notice).

Dated at Auckland this 13th day of November 2014.

MANDY McDONALD, Registrar of Companies.