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Land Notices
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Notice of Approved Official Geographic Names

Pursuant to sections 10(1)(b), 24(2)(a) and 24(3) of the New Zealand Geographic Board (Ngā Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa) Act 2008 (“Act”), the New Zealand Geographic Board Ngā Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa (“Board”) hereby gives notice of 84 approved official geographic names.

These former recorded names are now approved official geographic names and are specified in the first column of the Schedule below (“Schedule”).

The geographic feature types they relate to are set out in the second column of the Schedule.

The location for each name is set out in the third column of the Schedule.

The Board’s final determinations on these approved official geographic names took effect on 30 October 2014.


Approved Official Geographic Names (84)

First Column Second Column Third Column
Approved Official Geographic Name Geographic Feature Type Location (map and grid reference)
Amohia Peak Hill NZTopo50-BP23 423589
Amphitheatre Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP23 629727–635735
Anatoki Peak Hill NZTopo50-BP23 613657
Aorere Peak Hill NZTopo50-BP23 572586
Aorere Saddle Pass NZTopo50-BP23 441543
Arena Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP23 625708NZTopo50-BP24 643723
Beathams Clearing Area NZTopo50-BP23 627780
Beautiful River Stream NZTopo50-BP23 442519NZTopo50-BQ23 522390
Beecham Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP23 519731–528771
Blue Duck Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP22 396727NZTopo50-BP23 408738
Breakfast Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP23 591525–562503
Brown Hill Hill NZTopo50-BP23 518728
Brown River Stream NZTopo50-BP23 516725–537777
Burgoo Stream Stream NZTopo50-BP23 580559–556647
Burnt Hill Hill NZTopo50-BP23 518653
Camp Lake Lake NZTopo50-BP23 602527
Cave Brook Stream NZTopo50-BP23 473685–457740
Cavern Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP23 510491–568484
Chaffey Stream Stream NZTopo50-BP23 599517–637508
Clark Peak Hill NZTopo50-BP23 622721
Clark River Stream NZTopo50-BP23 616677–548772
Cobb River Stream NZTopo50-BP23 596549NZTopo50-BP24 775517
Corkscrew Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP23 489732–462750
Coulter Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP23 486746–496767
Cub Stream Stream NZTopo50-BP23 601502–557429
Darby Pond Lake NZTopo50-BP23 637721
Discovery Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP23 495520–549518
Douglas Range Range NZTopo50-BP23 611565–611673
Downey Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP23 508511–556510
Flanagan Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP23 487668–539720
Fowler Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP23 579725–558747
Gladiator Peak Hill NZTopo50-BP23 635704
Gorge Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP23 478711–513701
Gouland Downs Flat NZTopo50-BP23 425726
Grace Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP23 515477–556429
Granity Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP23 609675–549670
Green Saddle Pass NZTopo50-BP23 625706
Hannah Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP23 628490–638507
Hawkes Knob Hill NZTopo50-BP23 448747
Hidden Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP23 547753–539775
Island Lake Lake NZTopo50-BP23 570571
Kimbell Spur Ridge NZTopo50-BP23 598504–571441
Lake Aorere Lake NZTopo50-BP23 439547
Lake Clara Lake NZTopo50-BP23 628726
Lake Cobb Lake NZTopo50-BP23 591549
Lake Henderson Lake NZTopo50-BP23 588528
Lake Rotopai Lake NZTopo50-BP23 469464
Lead Hills Hill NZTopo50-BP23 620730
Lilian Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP23 456778–460756
Lookout Point Place NZTopo50-BP23 513717
Mac Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP23 575725–548740
Mount Cobb Hill NZTopo50-BP23 581538
Mount Domett Hill NZTopo50-BP23 421540
Mount Douglas Hill NZTopo50-BP23 612673
Mount Gouland Hill NZTopo50-BP23 483667
Mount Inaccessible Hill NZTopo50-BP23 495669
Mount Olympus Hill NZTopo50-BP23 585720
Mount Perry Hill NZTopo50-BP23 492731
Mount Prospect Hill NZTopo50-BP23 599519
Mount Ranolf Hill NZTopo50-BP23 598504
Mount White Hill NZTopo50-BP23 440768
Myttons Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP23 630488NZTopo50-BP24 653492
Orator Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP23 626713–639718
Owen Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP23 629719–637717
Parson Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP24 647748NZTopo50-BP23 635741
Percy Peak Hill NZTopo50-BP23 472779
Perry Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP23 495730–467747
Perry Saddle Pass NZTopo50-BP23 496721
Roaring Lion River Stream NZTopo50-BP23 456551NZTopo50-BQ23 521386
Round Lake Lake NZTopo50-BP23 576553
Saddle Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP23 476690–517702
Shakespeare Flat Flat NZTopo50-BP23 545731
Sheep Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP23 470722–458741
Shiner Brook Stream NZTopo50-BP23 470683–452737
Slate Range Range NZTopo50-BP23 417743–454753
Spey River Stream NZTopo50-BP23 441547–515613
Tasman Mountains Range NZTopo50-BP23 456588
Tasmanian Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP23 442699–435716
Three Pointer Hill NZTopo50-BP23 421746
Trocadero Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP23 476712–455726
Tubman Hill Hill NZTopo50-BP23 403699
Waingaro River Stream NZTopo50-BP23 624586NZTopo50-BP24 840743
Weka Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP23 423727–447736
William Creek Stream NZTopo50-BN23 493787NZTopo50-BP23 504760

Dated at Wellington this 30th day of October 2014.

W. K. SHAW, Secretary, New Zealand Geographic Board Ngā Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa.