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Land Notices
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Notice of Approved Official Geographic Names

Pursuant to sections 10(1)(b), 24(2)(a) and 24(3) of the New Zealand Geographic Board (Nga Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa) Act
2008 ("Act"), the New Zealand Geographic Board Nga Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa ("Board") hereby gives notice of 66 approved official geographic names.
These former recorded names are now approved official geographic names and are specified in the first column of the Schedule below.
The geographic feature types they relate to are set out in the second column of the Schedule.
The location for each name is set out in the third column of the Schedule.
The Board's final determinations on these approved official geographic names took effect on 28 August 2014.
Approved Official Geographic Names (66)
First Column Second Column Third Column
Approved Official Geographic Name Geographic Feature Type Location
Abel Tasman Monument Site NZTopo50-BN25 918811
Anapai Bay Bay NZTopo50-BN25 005832
Anatakapau Bay Bay NZTopo50-BN25 997843
Anatimo Locality NZTopo50-BN25 955802
Avery Hill NZTopo50-BP22 265477
Awaroa Saddle Pass NZTopo50-BN25 991791
Big Bay Bay NZTopo50-BP22 260758
Blackwater Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP22 270679
Blue Shirt Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP22 373745
Bluffy Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP22 365722
Break Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP22 261431
Break Creek Right Branch Stream NZTopo50-BP22 269425
Burial Point Point NZTopo50-BN25 950820
Cadigan Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP22 366715
Caldervale Locality NZTopo50-BP22 259433
Campsaddle Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP22 375590
Candle Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP22 259438
Centre Peak Hill NZTopo50-BN25 965786
Clifton Locality NZTopo50-BN25 890788
Coal Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP22 254462
Cold Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP22 254614
Deception Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP22 324721
Ellis Creek Stream NZTopo50-BN25 897788
Gibbs Hill Hill NZTopo50-BN25 981823
Goat Bay Bay NZTopo50-BN25 010795
Gouland Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP22 399674
NZTopo50-BP23 440657
Gunner River Stream NZTopo50-BP22 299652
Heaphy Bluff Cliff NZTopo50-BP22 247629
Heaphy River Stream NZTopo50-BP22 298688
NZTopo50-BP22 373675
NZTopo50-BP23 402628
NZTopo50-BP22 395587
Horrible Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP22 351746
Iwituaroa Range Range NZTopo50-BP22 267704
Landing Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP22 369690
NZTopo50-BP23 401698
Lewis River Stream NZTopo50-BP22 296711
Ligar Bay Bay NZTopo50-BN25 922812
Limestone Bay Bay NZTopo50-BN25 910806
Mackay Downs Flat NZTopo50-BP22 351769
Mid Point Point NZTopo50-BP22 249562
Mirror Tarn Lake NZTopo50-BP22 328447
Monument Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP22 355735
Mossy Burn Stream NZTopo50-BP22 263463
Mount Barr Hill NZTopo50-BP22 312589
Mount Ross Hill NZTopo50-BP22 365625
Mount Teddy Hill NZTopo50-BP22 393751
Murray Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP22 276630
Mutton Cove Bay NZTopo50-BN25 997847
Pigeon Saddle Pass NZTopo50-BN25 974798
Pitt Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP22 260620
Rocks Point Point NZTopo50-BP22 270774
Steep Point Point NZTopo50-BP22 250738
Stony Creek Steam NZTopo50-BP22 258450
Swan Burn Stream NZTopo50-BP22 268529
Takapou Locality NZTopo50-BN25 946819
Takapou Bay Bay NZTopo50-BN25 960824
Tata Bay Bay NZTopo50-BN25 927825
Tata Beach Beach NZTopo50-BN25 928822
Tata Islands Island NZTopo50-BN25 925832
Ugly River Stream NZTopo50-BP23 413557
NZTopo50-BP23 405518
NZTopo50-BP22 398489
NZTopo50-BP23 414437
NZTopo50-BQ23 429409
Waiharakeke Bay Bay NZTopo50-BN25 014782
Waiharakeke Stream Stream NZTopo50-BN25 002784
Wainui Bay Bay NZTopo50-BN25 949831
Wainui Inlet Bay NZTopo50-BN25 953815
Wainui River Stream NZTopo50-BN25 942784
NZTopo50-BP25 931747
Wekakura Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP22 270595
Wekakura Point Point NZTopo50-BP22 237702
Whariwharangi Bay Bay NZTopo50-BN25 979853
Winter Creek Stream NZTopo50-BN25 916793
Dated at Wellington this 28th day of August 2014.
W. K. SHAW, Secretary, New Zealand Geographic Board Nga Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa.