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Land Notices
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Notice of the Final Determination of the Minister for Land Information on an Official Geographic Name

Pursuant to section 16 of the New Zealand Geographic Board (Nga Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa) Act 2008 ("Act"), notice was given in the New Zealand Gazette, 14 November 2013, No. 150, page 4160, of a proposal by the New Zealand Geographic Board Nga Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa ("Board") to alter alternative official geographic names to a dual name.
The submission received for the dual name proposal was dealt with by the Board according to section 18 of the Act.
After considering a report from the Board, I hereby declare that my final determination, made pursuant to sections 20(2) and 20(3) of the Act and as specified in the first column of the Schedule below ("Schedule"), is to alter the existing official alternative geographic names to an official dual geographic name.
The geographic feature type that this dual name relates to is set out in the second column of the Schedule below.
The description for this dual name is set out in the third column of the Schedule.
The date on which I made my decision was 21 May 2014.
My final determination on this dual name shall take effect on 5 June 2014.
First Column Second Column Third Column
Official Geographic
Name Geographic
Feature Type Description
Southland Land District
Codfish Island /
Whenua Hou Island An island approximately 3km west of the top end of Stewart Island / Rakiura. NZTopo50-CH08 904061. Depicted variously on maps and charts as Codfish Island (Whenuahou), Codfish (Whenuahau) Island, Codfish Island, Whenua hou, Codfish Island / Whenuahou, and Codfish Island / Whenua Hou. Alteration from two official alternative geographic names, Codfish Island and Whenuahou Island, and replacing New Zealand Gazette, 29 July 1948, No. 42, page 939.
Dated at Wellington this 5th day of June 2014.
HON MICHAEL WOODHOUSE, Minister for Land Information.