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General Section
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Fees Payable to the Medical Council of New Zealand From 1 September 2014

Pursuant to sections 130 to 133 of the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003, the Medical Council of
New Zealand ("Council") gives notice that the following fees (GST excluded) are payable effective from 1 September 2014:
Fees Schedule
A Registration Fees $
Request for registration advice 133.33 1
Application for registration 377.78 1,2
Application to change existing scope of practice or conditions 111.11 1,2,3
For registration in a vocational scope of practice:
- Application for registration 377.78 1,3
- Assessment of documents by branch advisory body 653.00
- Interview with branch advisory body 2,365.00
- Re-evaluation 508.00
- Advice on supervisor/employment 75.00
B Practising Certificate (PC) or Interim Practising Certificate including Disciplinary Levy 618.78 1,4,5
C Disciplinary Levy - levy for 12 months 113.62 1
D New Zealand Registration Examination (NZREX Clinical) 3,333.33
Review of decisions 111.11 1
Withdrawal prior to, or on, the cut off date for the specified exam 130.43
Withdrawal after the cut off date for the specified exam (20% of exam fee) 666.67
E Vocational Scope of Practice/Recertification
Branch advisory body application for recognition of new vocational scope of practice 6,666.67 1,9
Application for assessment of an individual recertification programme for a vocational scope of practice 2,782.61 1
F Contribution to Mentoring Costs (usual 18-month programme) 2,400.00 1,6
G Urine Screening Programme
Usual five-year programme - including administration and the cost of tests 5,333.33 7
Administration only - usual five-year programme 1,333.33
H Contribution to Educational Supervision Costs (usual 12-month programme) 3,600.00 1,6
I Review of Decisions 111.11 1
J Certificate Signed by the Registrar
Certificate of registered information 35.56 1
Certificate of good standing (or copy) 35.56 1
Duplicate PC 35.56 1
Any other document certifying registration status or standing 35.56 1
K Register
Register for 12 months on disk or sent by email (updated monthly) 311.11 1
Register for 12 months downloaded from the Council's website 177.78 1
Register data requests - contact the Council office for information 100.00 1,8
Key to Annotations
1Fee is not refundable.
2Fee may be waived for some categories.
3Those with Australasian postgraduate qualifications and holding registration within a general scope of practice will pay only for a change in existing scope.
4Reduced fee payable if the medical practitioner is registered within a provisional or special purpose scope of practice where the appointment is for less than
six months. If appointments are for longer than six months, the PC fee will be charged on a pro rata basis to bring medical practitioners on to their PC cycle.
5Fee includes a disciplinary levy of $113.62 and may be charged on a pro rata basis to bring medical practitioners on to their PC cycle.
6Fee will be adjusted for any specific requirements of the programme.
7Fee is based on 54 tests over a five-year period. Additional test costs will be recovered and a $53.33 service fee will apply.
8Fee is per hour but may be adjusted depending on the nature of the query. Any disbursements will be recovered at cost.
9$3,333.33 is paid at the time of stage one submission and $3,333.34 at the time of stage two submission.
Explanatory Note
The increase in practising certificate fee (B above) follows consultation by the Council with all medical practitioners with current practising certificates, in accordance with Council's established practice of consulting on changes to prescribed fees. Medical practitioners and other stakeholder groups received a document indicating a proposed increase of $80.00, providing an explanation of the proposed increase and inviting submissions. In the information provided to the medical practitioners, the Council noted:
(a) The last practising certificate fee increase was $10.00 on 1 September 2013.
(b) The Council, like any organisation, is facing increasing costs. The majority of its increasing costs relate directly to its responsibilities as a medical regulator under the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003. Compounding the increased expenses are lower income from investment and examination activities.
(c) The Council had reviewed all areas of expenditure and reduced several items.
The Council resolved, on 29 July 2014, following consideration of submissions, to adopt an increase of $40.00 in the practising certificate fee.
Dated at Wellington this 31st day of July 2014.
DAVID DUNBAR, Registrar, Medical Council of New Zealand.