A related notice was published on 29 November 2017, Notice No. 2017-go6333.

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Climate Change (Change to Composition of Person Appointed to Hold Certain New Zealand Units) Notice 2014

Pursuant to section 73 of the Climate Change Response Act 2002 (“the Act”), the Minister for Climate Change Issues gives the following notice.

N o t i c e

1. Title—This notice may be cited as the Climate Change (Change to Composition of Person Appointed to Hold Certain New Zealand Units) Notice 2014.

2. Commencement—This appointment takes effect from the date of publication of this notice in the New Zealand Gazette.

3. Change to composition—On 21 April 2011, I appointed the Forestry Emission Unit Trust (“the Trust”) under section 73(1) of the Act. The functions of the Trust are to apply for an allocation of New Zealand units in respect of land specified in section 72(2)(b)(i)(A) of the Act, and to hold these units on trust for the future owners of the land.

I appoint

Hinerangi Raumati-Tu’ua

Paul Francis Majurey

as trustees of the Trust.

I revoke the appointments of Alan Parekura Torohina Haronga and Cletus Maanu Paul as trustees of the Trust (published in the New Zealand Gazette, 21 April 2011, No. 55, page 1276).

Dated at Wellington this 2nd day of December 2014.

Hon TIM GROSER, Minister for Climate Change Issues.