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A revocation to this notice was published on 24 November 2016, Issue No. 108, Notice No. 2016-go6373.

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Criteria for Proposals for Partnerships Funding

Pursuant to section 8(1) of the Research, Science, and Technology Act 2010, I hereby amend the notice “Criteria for Proposals for Partnerships Funding”, published in the New Zealand Gazette, 15 March 2012, No. 33, page 1006, by:

Deleting Clause 6.4 and substituting the following:

“6.4 The following criteria must be used to determine whether funding provided by the partnership qualifies as co-funding for the purposes of clause 4.2:

  1. If the partnership is an industry partnership then, subject to Clause 6.4(b), funding from central government, local government, not-for-profit organisations, Crown Research Institutes, or Tertiary Education Institutes does not qualify as co-funding;
  2. Levy funding collected from industry but administered by government may qualify as co-funding if:
    i. The government agency which collects the levy agrees to its use; and
    ii. The proposed research meets the purpose of the levy;
  3. Funding from a subsidiary of a Crown Research Institute or a Tertiary Education Institute can qualify as co-funding only if the Science Board considers that is appropriate. Funding from a subsidiary that has been created to leverage partnerships funding will not qualify as co-funding”.

Dated at Wellington this 13th day of November 2014.

Hon STEVEN JOYCE, Minister of Science and Innovation.