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Marriage Celebrants for 2014 Notice No. 14

Pursuant to the provisions of section 13 of the Marriage Act 1955, it is hereby notified that the following names will be removed from the list of marriage celebrants under sections 8 and 10 of the Act as at 20 February 2014:
Aldersley, Lois Annette, Anglican.
Allmark, Edward, Jehovah's Witnesses.
Amituana'i, Vi'i, The Evangelical Samoan Wesleyan Methodist Church of New Zealand.
Aspeitia, Raewyn, Salvation Army.
Aspeitia, Rafael, Salvation Army.
Beale, Gilbert William, Salvation Army.
Bell, Debora, Salvation Army.
Bell, Donald Charles, Salvation Army.
Benton, Judith Anna, Anglican.
Body, Graham Nelson, Anglican.
Bradburn, Bruce Murray, Baptist.
Branthwaite, John Walter, Anglican.
Brookfield, Judith Margaret, Anglican.
Brunskill, Christopher Frederick, Salvation Army.
Burt, Michael John, Anglican.
Butler, Stephen Mark, Assemblies of God in
New Zealand.
Clark, James Richard Quinten, Anglican.
Cooper, Patricia Muriel, Anglican.
Coppins, Kylie Tanya, Salvation Army.
Davidson, Paul James, Anglican.
Dryburgh, Alexander Huntly, Anglican.
Eades, Ilian Reginald, Greek Orthodox Church.
Elder, Michael Mitchell, Greek Orthodox Church.
Exon, Craig, Salvation Army.
Exon, Karinna, Salvation Army.
Glover, Frederick, Anglican.
Gooder, Richard Kelvin, Salvation Army.
Hannah, Carlie, Anglican.
Hart, Sharon Koebi, Anglican.
Heitman, Dave, Brethren.
Holt, Geoffrey Colin, Anglican.
Ieriko, Paulo, The Evangelical Samoan Wesleyan Methodist Church of New Zealand.
Kahui, Kay Knox, Anglican.
Lilomaiava, Itumalae, The Evangelical Samoan Wesleyan Methodist Church of New Zealand.
Maiava, Iosefa, The Evangelical Samoan Wesleyan Methodist Church of New Zealand.
Matene, Rui Kawhe, Anglican.
Mead, Jean Laura, Anglican.
Mitchell, Glenda, Anglican.
Noa, Alofa Fonoti, First Samoan Full Gospel Pentecostal Church Incorporated.
Norris, Michael, Anglican.
Salmon, Mark, Anglican.
Smith, Thelma Joyce, Salvation Army.
Spence, Robert, Anglican.
Stead, Timothy James Rowlands, Baptist
Stevens, Frances, Anglican.
Stuart, Jennifer Joyce, Anglican.
Taiapa, Barney Te Kiwha, Anglican.
Talbott, Anthony Alexander, Anglican.
Toleafoa, Wayne, Anglican.
Townshend, Peter, Anglican.
Tremain, Keith Alfred James, Salvation Army.
Tweedy, Andrew Mark Cyril, Anglican.
Wallace, Hinemaurea, Anglican.
Way, Richard Ernest, Gracegate Church.
Webb, Derek Sidney, Anglican.
Wendleborn, Robert Mark, Anglican.
West, Lindsay Colin, Salvation Army.
Williams, Ray, Anglican.
Williams, Reginald Ottrey, Anglican.
Wilson, Graeme Leslie, Strategic Resources Ministries Trust.
Winders, Bryan Patrick, Roman Catholic.
Wong, Teck Hieng, Christchurch Chinese Abundant
Life Church.
Wright, Evadne, Salvation Army.
Wright, Moira Althea, Salvation Army.
Wright, Terrance, Salvation Army.
Dated at Wellington this 7th day of February 2014.
JEFF MONTGOMERY, Registrar-General.