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Notice Setting the Criteria for Funding the New Zealand Food Safety Science and Research Centre

1. Notice to the Science Board
1.1 In this notice, I:
(a) set the criteria the Science Board must use when allocating funding to the Food Safety Science and Research Centre ("Centre") under section 8(1) of the Research, Science and Technology Act 2010 ("Act"); and
(b) specify that the Science Board may allocate, once matching industry co-funding is secured, up to $2.5 million of Crown funding per annum to the Centre under section 10(3)(b) of the Act.
2. General Policy Objective of the Centre
2.1 The Centre will be established to ensure:
(a) the delivery of excellent food safety science and research, to minimise the risks of foodborne illness and maximise economic growth opportunities;
(b) an increased level of food safety knowledge
and capability across the science sector, industry and Government;
(c) the provision of cutting-edge food safety outputs to relevant stakeholders in a timely manner; and
(d) national and international visibility, reputation and credibility for New Zealand food safety science
and research.
3. Assessment criteria
3.1 The plan will respond to the most important food safety issues facing New Zealand.
To what extent does the research plan:
(a) provide an up to five-year plan of excellent quality and strategically relevant research, science and technology, and related activities, to deliver the policy objectives of the Centre;
(b) build on the existing research and research strategies being undertaken in New Zealand and internationally;
(c) reflect the involvement and meet the needs of key food industry stakeholders and end-users; and
(d) demonstrate how the proposed plan of research, science and technology will deliver benefit to
New Zealand?
3.2 The plan is collaborative and will build New Zealand's food safety capability.
To what extent does the research plan:
(a) coordinate the existing capabilities and competencies of New Zealand research organisations;
(b) leverage the skills and experience of international researchers and the capacities and connections of international research organisations; and
(c) build the current and future skills and expertise
of New Zealand researchers, stakeholders and
end-users to deliver the Centre's objectives?
3.3 The governance, management and financial arrangements are sound and enduring.
To what extent do the governance, management and financial structures (as detailed in the business plan):
(a) ensure the Centre has access to the necessary capability to assume responsibility for coordinating, monitoring and managing the Centre;
(b) detail the mechanisms used to bring in new ideas, knowledge, researchers and organisations to ensure both stability and the flexibility to respond to future priorities;
(c) detail the mechanisms used to transfer cutting-edge food safety outputs to relevant stakeholders in a timely manner;
(d) detail the arrangements for the ownership and management of intellectual property arising from the Centre's research;
(e) detail appropriate financial management procedures;
(f) provide a clear strategic direction for international engagement by the Centre;
(g) detail the arrangements for setting the Centre's strategic direction and research priorities, including engagement with domestic and international stakeholders; and
(h) detail arrangements for the development and maintenance of close working relationships with key stakeholders and end-users?
3.4 The plan is focused on delivering impact.
To what extent does the business plan:
(a) detail accountability arrangements that enable performance to be monitored across the Centre's efforts to ensure research quality, value for money, measurable outputs and ultimately the delivery of the Centre's objectives;
(b) define how the proposed research, science and technology will achieve significant impact and the Centre's objectives;
(c) detail arrangements for managing risks and liabilities; and
(d) detail key performance indicators related to the expected outcomes of the Centre's research and
the achievement of the Centre's objectives?
4. Vision Matauranga policy
4.1 The Vision Matauranga policy aims to unlock the science and innovation potential of Maori knowledge, resources and people for the benefit of New Zealand.
To what extent do the research and business plans for the Centre give effect to the Vision Matauranga policy:
(a) Indigenous Innovation - contributing to economic growth through distinctive science and innovation;
(b) Taiao/Environment - achieving environmental sustainability through iwi and hapu relationships with land and sea;
(c) Hauora/Health - improving health and social
well-being; and
(d) Matauranga - exploring indigenous knowledge and science and innovation?
Dated at Wellington this 12th day of August 2014.
HON STEVEN JOYCE, Minister of Science and Innovation.