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Revocation of Water Recreation (Waikato River) Notice 1994

Pursuant to Maritime Rule Part 91.22(3)(c), I, Keith Manch, Director of Maritime New Zealand, hereby revoke the Water Recreation (Waikato River) Notice 1994*, which provided for a permanent speed uplifting for all that area of water
that forms the Waikato River from the confluence of the Paetataramoa Stream and the Waikato River and then upstream to the Aratiatia Power Station.
This matter is now provided for in the Waikato Regional Council Navigation Safety Bylaw at page 70, clause 1.22, which provides for a permanent speed uplifting for all waters on the Waikato River from WGS84 coordinate 38 31 01.816 S 176 11 24.961 E (south of the Tutukau Bridge) upstream to a line 200 metres downstream of the Aratiatia Power Station.
Within this zone, the speed provisions in clause 2.5 apply, however any vessel may exceed 5 knots within 30 metres of shore or within 50 metres of any structure at all times except for the period from two weeks prior through to two weeks following the commencement date of the duck hunting season.
Dated at Wellington this 3rd day of September 2014.
KEITH MANCH, Director of Maritime New Zealand.
Note: The commencement date of the duck hunting season is declared by notice in the New Zealand Gazette for any one year and generally commences on the first Saturday in May.
*New Zealand Gazette, 17 March 1994, No. 25, page 1117