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Authorities/Other Agencies of State
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Notice of Exemption for Equipment

Pursuant to Regulation 6 of the Health and Safety in Employment (Pressure Equipment, Cranes, and Passenger Ropeways) Regulations 1999, I, Richard Steel, Manager, Technical Support Services, in exercise of the powers delegated to me by the Secretary of Labour, give notice of exemption from the requirements of these Regulations for design verification of the following one piece of equipment:
Caterpillar, model 312D, Hydraulic Excavator (serial number 312DHRHL00299), when used as a crane, currently in service in New Zealand as owned (and operated) by A. Cave of Tararua Contract Fencing Limited.
This exemption is subject to the conditions that:
1. The above-named equipment is assessed by an equipment inspector employed or engaged by an inspection body with respect to construction, non-destructive testing (as relevant) and compliance as such with the safety systems and factors of safety requirement(s) of a mobile crane.
2. By inspection, load testing, stability testing and any other tests deemed required, it shall be demonstrated to the satisfaction of the assessing equipment inspector that this equipment, and its usage, shall comply with the requirements of the current Approved Code of Practice for Cranes.
3. Hose burst protection valves supplied or recommended by the equipment manufacturer shall be fitted to all hydraulic lines supplying cylinders which support the load.
4. Lifting hooks or eyes that are fitted shall be rated at equal to or greater than the maximum lifting capacity of the machine. These lifting hooks or eyes must be installed to the specification of a chartered professional engineer and tested by an equipment inspector before first use.
5. Lifting attachment(s) shall be designed lifting points and the equipment used for rigging the loads are to be certified by a chartered professional engineer.
6. The equipment is to have a load range chart available to operators.
7. Operators and ground support personnel are to be adequately trained.
8. Operations are to be carried out in accordance with the Approved Code of Practice for Load Lifting & Rigging.
The inspection body may then issue a certificate of inspection on the recommendation of the equipment inspector.
This exemption will take effect immediately.
RICHARD STEEL, Manager, Technical Support Services, WorkSafe New Zealand.