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Meetings/Last Dates for Debts & Claims
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1287298 LIMITED (formerly PITANGO INNOVATIVE CUISINE LIMITED) and GOURMET FOOD HOLDINGS NEW ZEALAND LIMITED (administrators appointed) (receivers and managers appointed) ("the companies")

Notice of a Joint Watershed Meeting of Creditors of the Companies Under Administration
The Companies Act 1993
Company Nos.: 1287298, 2028256
Notice is given that a joint watershed meeting of the creditors of each of the companies, will be held on Wednesday, 10 July 2013 at 1.00pm NZT at the offices of Deloitte, Level 9, 225 George Street, Sydney, Australia. Creditors may attend by telephone by dialling:
New Zealand Dial in No.: 0800 540 010.
Your Guest Pass Code: 77415579 4562.
The purpose of the meeting is:
(a) to consider the directors' statement of company position of each of the companies; and
(b) to consider the circumstances leading up to the administration and the various options available to creditors; and
(c) for creditors to resolve upon one of the following:
(i) That the companies execute a deed of company arrangement; or
(ii) that the administrations should end; or
(iii) that the companies be wound up; and
(d) if the companies are wound up, to consider the appointment of a liquidation committee; and
(e) any other business that may be lawfully brought forward.
A form of proxy is available from us to enable you to appoint another person to act on your behalf at the meeting (see note below). Proxies must be returned by no later than 5.00pm on Wednesday 3 July 2013. A corporate creditor can only be represented by proxy or by a representative appointed under clauses 6 and 9 of Schedule 5 of the Companies Act 1993.
Dated this 28th day of June 2013.
DAVID J. F. LOMBE, For and on Behalf of David Lombe & Vaughan Strawbridge, Joint and Several Administrators.
Note: Under the Companies Act 1993 (Schedule 5, clause 6(4)), a creditor is not entitled to vote at a meeting by proxy unless they have delivered to the administrators a copy of the proxy not less than two working days before the start
of the meeting.