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Land Notices
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Setting Land Apart as a Maori Reservation

Pursuant to section 338(1) of Te Ture Whenua Maori Act 1993, on the recommendation of the Maori Land Court, the Maori freehold land described in the Schedule hereto is hereby set apart as a Maori reservation for an urupa to be known as Takotoroa to be held for the common use and benefit of the descendants of Tukino Maraki.
Tairawhiti Land District
Part of that piece of land situated in Part Waipiro A41B2 Block XII Mata Survey District, contained in Computer Freehold Register GS4B/1254, and described as follows:
ha Maori Land Court Appellation Land Information
New Zealand Reference
0.0625 Part Waipiro A41B2 Block GS4B/1254
Dated at Wellington this 23rd day of September 2013.
Ministry of Maori Development.
(Appln A20130002470)