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General Section
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Notice of Replacement of Prescribed Qualifications

Pursuant to section 12 of the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003, this notice is issued by the Dental Council.
The following prescribed qualifications replace the prescribed qualifications for the Scope of Practice for Dental Technology Practice published in the New Zealand Gazette, 7 December 2006, No. 167, page 4856.
Scope of Practice for Dental Technology Practice
Prescribed Qualifications
- Bachelor of Dental Technology, University of Otago; or
- Bachelor of Dental Technology with Honours, University of Otago; or
- Diploma in Dental Technology (issued by a New Zealand educational institution) and commenced prior to 18 September 2004; or
- an approved overseas dental technology qualification; and a pass in the New Zealand Dental Technicians Registration Examination.