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Notice of Intention to Vary the West Coast North Island Marine Mammal Sanctuary

Pursuant to section 22(1) of the Marine Mammals Protection Act 1978, I propose to vary the West Coast North Island Marine Mammal Sanctuary declared by the Marine Mammals Protection (West Coast North Island Sanctuary) Notice* (the "principal notice") by banning commercial and recreational set net fishing in all of the area of sea specified in Schedule 1 (with the consent of the Minister for Primary Industries, the Minister of Transport, and the Minister of Energy and Resources).
This area encompasses five sightings of Maui's dolphins that have occurred further than two nautical miles offshore in the Taranaki region.
A map of the area referred to in Schedule 1 is available for inspection on the website of the Department of Conservation at
The map is indicative only. If there is a discrepancy between the map and the description of the area in this notice, the description prevails.
I will consider any written submission on my intention, set out in this notice, if:
(a) it is addressed to the Minister of Conservation as follows:
(i) Marine Mammal Sanctuary Submissions
Department of Conservation
PO Box 10420
Wellington; or
(ii); or
(iii) completing an online submission form on the Department of Conservation website; and
(b) I receive it within 28 days after the publication of this notice in the New Zealand Gazette.
Schedule 1
The area of the sea which is the subject of the proposal is enclosed by a line:
(i) commencing at a point two nautical miles from mean high water springs (approximately 174ø4.96ïE
and 39ø0.43ïS) which is the continuation of a
line extending at 331ø from the mouth of the Waiwhakaiho River, Taranaki (approximately 174ø6.27ïE and 39ø2.21ïS); and
(ii) proceeding along that line to a point seven nautical miles (approximately 174ø1.78ïE and 38ø56.06ïS) from mean high water springs; and
(iii) proceeding generally north-east along a line seven nautical miles from mean high water springs to
the point with the co-ordinates 174ø23.23ïE and 38ø49.23ïS; and
(iv) proceeding generally south-east in a straight line to the point with the co-ordinates 174ø28.27ïE and 38ø52.23ïS; and
(v) proceeding along a line two nautical miles from mean high water springs back to the point of commencement.
Dated at Wellington this 5th day of September 2013.
HON NICK SMITH, Minister of Conservation.
Note: All co-ordinates are expressed in terms of NZTM 2000.
*New Zealand Gazette, 26 June 2008, No. 104, page 2767