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Amendment to Declaration Notice

Pursuant to Regulation 15(3) of the Marine Mammals Protection Regulations 1992, Kevin O'Connor, Deputy Director-General, Operations, Department of Conservation, amends the Declaration Notice dated the 8th day of September 2003 (New Zealand Gazette, 25 September 2003, No. 136, page 3678) and the subsequent Amendment
to Declaration Notice dated the 10th day of January 2005 (New Zealand Gazette, 20 January 2005, No. 22, page 509) by extending the term of the declaration to expire on
8 March 2015 inclusive.
Dated at Wellington this 23rd day of August 2013.
CARL MCGUINNESS, Acting Deputy Director-General, Operations (pursuant to Instruments of Delegation dated the 24th day of September 2010 and the 2nd day of November 2011).