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Declaring a Section of State Highway-State Highway 39A, Koura Drive/Te Kowhai Road/Limmer Road, Hamilton City and Waikato District

Pursuant to section 103 of the Land Transport Management Act 2003, the Secretary for Transport gives notice that, with effect from 1 February 2013, the section of new road described in the Schedule hereto is declared to be State Highway 39.
State Highway 39A to consist of that section of road commencing at RP 0/0.00 on the newly constructed Koura Drive 330 metres from its intersection with Onion Road
and extending in a generally south-westerly direction along Koura Drive to the intersection with Burbush Road and
Te Kowhai Road, then continuing in a generally westerly direction along Te Kowhai Road and Limmer Road to the intersection with State Highway 39 (new RP 4/3.12); a total of 6.26 kilometres.
Dated at Wellington this 23rd of January 2013.
MARTIN MATTHEWS, Secretary for Transport.