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General Notices
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Notice of Entry into Possession of Mortgaged Land

In the matter of section 156 of the Property Law Act 2007, and in the matter of mortgage 6272611.3 (South Auckland Land Registry), Identifier SA63C/609 ("the mortgage"), and in the matter of Colin Peter Burrell and Amelia Waimatoa Burrell:
TEA Custodians (Bluestone) Limited ("the mortgagee" under the mortgage) hereby gives notice that it has entered into possession of the mortgaged land described below with effect from 18 December 2012.
The description of the mortgaged land is an estate in fee simple containing 618 square metres, more or less, having legal description Lot 2 DPS 79646 and being the property known as 19B Waitaha Road, Welcome Bay, Tauranga.
The address to which communications relating to the mortgaged land may be addressed is TEA Custodians (Bluestone) Limited, c/o Gibson Sheat Lawyers,
Private Bag 31905, Lower Hutt 5040. Facsimile: (04) 569 4874. Enquiries to: Gemma Easton. Email:
Signed and dated at Lower Hutt this 19th day of December 2012.
GIBSON SHEAT, on Behalf of TEA Custodians (Bluestone) Limited.
Note: This notice is given by the solicitors for the mortgagee at the offices of Gibson Sheat Lawyers, Level 3, 1 Margaret Street, Lower Hutt. Documents may be:
(a) posted to the solicitor at Gibson Sheat Lawyers,
Private Bag 31905, Lower Hutt 5040; or
(b) left for the solicitor at the document exchange for direction to Gibson Sheat Lawyers, DX RP42008; or
(c) transmitted to the solicitor by facsimile to Gibson Sheat Lawyers. Facsimile: (04) 569 1571.