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Automotive LPG Fuel Container Approval

Pursuant to clauses 2.6(4) and (5) of Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Equipment 2004, and under delegated authority, I, Hugh Cameron Matheson, Principal Engineer Vehicles, NZ Transport Agency, hereby approve the LPG fuel container in the Schedule hereto for inclusion in any LPG automotive fuel system installed and operated in accordance with the requirements of Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1425, subject to the conditions of approval set out in this notice.
Reference No. Manufacturer Country of Origin Specification Material Inspection Authority Maximum Service Pressure (MPa) Test Pressure (MPa)
AF L03B 046 Antech Manufacturing
Limited New Zealand AS/NZS 3509 Carbon steel I.Q.S. 2.55 3.30
Conditions of Approval
These LPG fuel containers are approved subject to the following conditions:
1. That they are permanently and clearly marked, on a suitable attached metal plate, with characters not less than 2mm high, displaying the following information:
(a) The specification to which the container was manufactured.
(b) The manufacturer's name or mark.
(c) The serial number of the container. Alternatively, this can be stamped on to the container valve pad.
(d) The date of the original container inspection and the identification mark of the inspection authority which carried out the inspection.
(e) The date of any periodic container test and the identification mark of the cylinder testing station which carried out the test.
(f) The container test pressure.
(g) The nominal water capacity of the container.
2. That the container surface coating be in accordance with the requirements in Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 3509.
3. That they are provided with valve threads and fittings which provide the following functions:
(a) Filling connection incorporating a non return valve.
(b) Service valve incorporating an excess flow valve.
(c) Contents gauge.
(d) Pressure relief valve.
(e) Automatic fill limiter which prevents the container being filled beyond 85% of the total container capacity.
(f) Valves and fittings must have a service pressure rating of at least that of the container to which they are fitted and must comply with the requirements in section 3 of Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1425.
4. That they are tested prior to installation, and at periods not exceeding 10 years, in accordance with the requirements of Australian Standard AS 2337.
Signed at Wellington this 29th day of November 2013.
H. C. MATHESON, Principal Engineer Vehicles, NZ Transport Agency.