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Notification of Review of Pricing of the Standard Terms Determination for the Designated Service of Chorus's Unbundled Bitstream Access

The Commerce Commission ("Commission") gives public notice that it has completed a review of the Standard
Terms Determination Chorus's unbundled bitstream access (Commerce Commission Decision 611, 12 December 2007) ("UBA STD") under section 30R of the Telecommunications Act 2001 ("Act").
The Commission's decision sets the prices to apply under the UBA STD from 1 December 2014 for the basic unbundled bitstream access service and three enhanced unbundled bitstream access variants, as well as several charges related to that service, including connection and transfer charges.
The Commission has determined that the price for the basic unbundled bitstream access service is $10.92, and that the enhanced unbundled bitstream access variants are $13.25 (with a real-time class service profile of 40 kbps), $13.82 (with a real-time class service profile of 90 kbps), and $14.85 (with a real-time class service profile of 180 kbps).
The charge for a new instance of a service is $15.85 (where no site visit is required), $73.51 (where an exchange or cabinet visit is required), or $169.73 (where a site visit is required). The charge for a change from one broadband service or a variant of the unbundled bitstream access service to another is $15.85 if no port change at the DSLAM is required, or $73.51 if a port change at the DSLAM is required.
The complete schedule of charges are set out in Schedule 2 to the UBA STD.
The review was required by section 77 of the Telecommunications (TSO, Broadband, and Other Matters) Amendment Act 2011 ("Amendment Act").
Parties to the UBA STD may apply for a pricing review to determine a price in accordance with the final pricing principle under section 42 of the Act no later than 25 working days after this notice, in accordance with section 78 of the Amendment Act.
If such a review is requested, the Commission must
make reasonable efforts to complete the pricing review
by 30 November 2014.
Further information about the decision is available on the Commission's website at
Date of Determination: 5 November 2013.