Notice Type
Authorities/Other Agencies of State
Notice Title

Authorised Access to Certain Names and Addresses Held on the Motor Vehicle Register

Pursuant to section 241 of the Land Transport Act 1998 ("the Act"), I authorise the following persons, for the purpose and the term, and on the conditions stated below, to have access to the names and addresses of persons:
- who are currently registered in respect of a motor vehicle(s); and
- who have not instructed the Registrar of Motor Vehicles to withhold their details.
Persons Purposes Term
Paragon NZ Limited - Preparing evidence related to criminal offences.
- The detection and investigation of suspected fraud.
- Enforcing Court orders and judgments.
- When acting as a contracted agent on behalf
of government agencies with law
enforcement functions, to assist in carrying
out those functions. From the date the named persons receive the final decision on
its application to 30 June 2017 inclusive.
Investigation Services Limited
Corporate Risks 1997 Limited
Scope Investigations Limited
Verjus Johannes Cornelius
van Beek
Thompson & Clark Investigations Limited
John Oakley & Associates Limited - In order to contact insurance companies to ascertain insurance cover for a motor vehicle that has been abandoned.
- In order to issue trespass notices.
- Where the vehicles are unattended or have not been able to be stopped or, where vehicles are stopped, to confirm that details supplied are accurate.
(a) The names and addresses are accessed only by the named persons and that the information is for the named person's
own use;
(b) The names and addresses are accessed only for a specified purpose;
(c) To access the Motor Vehicle Register a private investigator licence and a certificate of approval under the Private Security Personnel and Private Investigators Act 2010 must be held;
(d) The fees charged for the provision of the names and addresses from the Motor Vehicle Register are duly paid;
(e) Any identified instances of unauthorised access are immediately notified to the Secretary for Transport and the Privacy Commissioner;
(f) The names and addresses obtained under this authorisation shall not be disclosed to any third party unless such disclosure is necessarily incidental to achieving a specified purpose;
(g) Before 30 June 2014, the above persons must provide the Secretary for Transport with a report providing details of the purpose, the date, and the vehicle registration number of each enquiry made in relation to the Motor Vehicle Register during the term of the authorisation; and
(h) Subject to the conditions contained in this notice, the terms and conditions, if any, imposed by the NZ Transport Agency for access to Motor Vehicle Register information.
Dated this 19th day of July 2013.
MICHAEL PAUL BEEDELL, Manager Adjudications, NZ Transport Agency.