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Notice of Amendment of the Input Methodologies Applicable to Gas Distribution Services and Gas Transmission Services

Pursuant to section 52W of Part 4 of the Commerce Act 1986 ("the Act"), the Commerce Commission ("the Commission") gives the following notice.
On 25 February 2013, the Commission made the Gas Pipeline Services Input Methodologies Determination Amendment (No. 1) 2013, [2013] NZCC 3 ("the Amendment") in accordance with section 52X of the Act.
The amendment amends the Gas Distribution Services
Input Methodologies Determination 2012, [2012] NZCC
27 ("the GDB Determination"), and the Gas Transmission Services Input Methodologies Determination 2012, [2012] NZCC 28 ("the GTB Determination").
The amendments resolve a number of errors identified in the process of setting default price-quality paths for regulated gas pipeline businesses.
These issues were identified by the Commission and interested parties in the Commission's consultation on the determination of default price-quality paths for suppliers of gas pipeline services, determined 28 February 2013.
The amendment makes the following changes to the determinations:
(a) Revises the definition of balancing gas for gas transmission services in order to include welded parties.
(b) Revises the definition of notional deductible interest in order to apply a mid-year cash flow timing assumption for the treatment of taxation for both
gas distribution and transmission services.
(c) Allows for the pass-through of Electricity and Gas Complaints Commission levies.
(d) Corrects an error in the treatment of taxation input methodologies for application of the term credit spread differential allowance.
(e) Corrects other typographical errors as set out in the amendment.
The amendment is effective as of 25 February 2013.
Copies of the amendment and the determination are available for inspection free of charge at the Commission (during ordinary office hours), 44 The Terrace, Wellington, or for purchase at a reasonable price at the Commission, or on
the Commission's website
Dated at Wellington this 7th day of March 2013.