Notice Type
Appointment/Release of Liquidators
Notice Title


Notice of Appointment of Liquidator
In the matter of the Companies Act 1993, and in the matter of TOM BURRELLS FARM LIMITED (in liquidation):
Notice is hereby given that, pursuant to section 241(2)(a) of the Companies Act 1993 and the directors having resolved
that the company is able to pay its debts, Anthony Murray Richardson, accountant of Lower Hutt, was appointed liquidator of the company by special resolution of the shareholders on 24 May 2013 at 12.43pm.
Notice of Meeting of Creditors
No meeting of creditors is intended to be called.
Notice to Creditors to Claim
Proofs of debt are called for on or before 15 July 2013, being the date fixed as the last date for creditors to make a claim or establish any priority their claims may have under section 312 of the Companies Act 1993.
Creditors who have not made a claim at the date of distribution will be excluded from the distribution and will be precluded from objecting to it.
Address of Liquidator and Address for Service of Company: Capital Accounting Associates Limited, Level 3, Apex House, 1 Knights Road, Lower Hutt 5010. Postal Address: PO Box 38325, Wellington Mail Centre, Lower Hutt 5045. Telephone: (04) 385 4146. Facsimile: (04) 385 4246. Email: