Notice Type
Appointment/Release of Administrators
Notice Title


(all administrators appointed and all in receivership) ("the companies")
Notice of Joint Watershed Meetings of Creditors of
the Companies
Pursuant to Section 239AU of the Companies Act 1993
Company Nos.: 1898459, 1173549, 1271437, 165326
David Webb, Ben Verney and Philip Carter were
appointed joint and several administrators of the companies on 21 February 2013.
The administrations commenced on that date.
Notice of Watershed Meetings of Creditors
Notice is hereby given that the watershed meetings of creditors of all of the companies will be held jointly at the premises of the Novotel Auckland Ellerslie Hotel, 72-112 Green Lane East, Ellerslie, Auckland, on 26 March 2013
at 2.00pm.
The purpose of the meetings are:
(a) to review the report of the administrators in connection with the business, property, affairs and financial circumstances of the companies; and
(b) for the creditors of the companies to resolve:
(i) that the companies execute a deed of company arrangement; or
(ii) that the administration should end; or
(iii) that the companies be put into liquidation; and
(c) any other business properly brought before the meeting.
Notwithstanding that the watershed meetings are proposed to be held jointly, a creditor shall only be entitled to vote on such resolutions as relate to companies of which that person is a creditor.
Pursuant to section 239AL of the Companies Act 1993,
any creditor may object to the meetings of each of the companies being held jointly by sending a written objection to the administrators' postal, email or street address
(as specified below) on or before close of business on
22 March 2013.
If any creditor objects to the meetings being held jointly, the meetings will instead be held consecutively on 26 March 2013, with the first meeting to commence at 2.00pm.
Dated this 15th day of March 2013.
DAVID WEBB, Joint and Several Administrator.
Creditors and Shareholders May Direct Enquiries During Normal Business Hours to: Paul Sullivan or Larissa Logan, PPB Advisory, Level 11, DLA Phillips Fox Tower, National Bank Centre, 205-209 Queen Street, Auckland 1010. Telephone: (09) 304 1300. Facsimile: (09) 304 1311. Email: