Notice Type
Notice Title

Notification of Determination of the Precise Question at an Indicative Referendum

Pursuant to section 13 of the Citizens Initiated Referenda Act 1993, I hereby give notice that:
Roy Reid
- has been approved to use, for the purposes of
an indicative referendum petition, the wording determined in the paragraph below;
- is the promoter of an indicative referendum petition in which the wording determined in the paragraph below is to be used;
- has been approved to use a form for the purposes of the indicative referendum petition; and
that the wording of the specific question to be put to voters in the proposed indicative referendum is:
"Do you support the Government selling up to 49%
of Meridian Energy, Mighty River Power, Genesis Power, Solid Energy and Air New Zealand?"
Dated at Wellington this 27th day of April 2012.
MARY HARRIS, Clerk of the House of Representatives.