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Land Notices
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Classification of a Reserve and Appointment of the Auckland Council to Control and Manage a Reserve

Under the Reserves Act 1977, the Conservation Support Manager for the Auckland Conservancy of the Department of Conservation classifies the said reserve described in
the Schedule as a recreation reserve and further, appoints the Auckland Council to control and manage the reserve for recreation purposes, subject to the terms and conditions of an Agreement for Acquisition of Land for State Highway 20 Winstone Park dated the 31st day of May 2005 between Transit New Zealand and the Minister of Conservation, and the Auckland City Council and the Minister of Lands acting by and through the Minister for Land Information and the Crown reserving the right to revoke the appointment if or when the reserve was ever required for a treaty settlement in terms of the Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975.
North Auckland Land District-Auckland
m2 Description
Lot 103 DP 41516 (all Computer Freehold Register NA13D/812). 703 Lot 107 DP 41516 (all Computer Freehold Register NA6A/1488).
1578 Lot 106 DP 41516 (all Computer Freehold Register NA21D/757).
875 Lot 109 DP 41516 (all Computer Freehold Register NA14D/117).
All subject to the Reserves Act 1977. All subject to K64304 Certificate that a pipeline for the passage of stormwater passes through and serves the within land.
Dated at Auckland this 25th day of June 2012.
(DOC PAD-02-05-02-24)