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Land to be Declared a Walkway-Lake Otuhie, Golden Bay

Under section 31 of the Walking Access Act 2008, I declare that the land described in the Schedule below shall be a walkway and is assigned the name Lake Otuhie Walkway.
Under section 35 of the Walking Access Act 2008, and with the consent of the Minister of Conservation given under delegated authority, pursuant to section 28 of the State Sector Act 1988, I appoint the Department of Conservation to be the controlling authority of this walkway.
The following conditions are imposed under the easement:
(a) The grantee (NZ Walking Access Commission) shall be entitled to issue specific permits to specific named persons to authorise the taking of dogs and firearms onto and along the walkway for the purposes of hunting within the conservation park.
(b) Dogs must be led on a leash or otherwise be properly secured at all times while on the walkway.
(c) No firearms are to be discharged on or within 100m of the walkway.
(Section 54 of the Walking Access Act 2008 sets out the strict liability offences)
Nelson Land District
Lake Otuhie Walkway
The areas marked "C" and "F" on DP 403057 (part Computer Freehold Registers NL102/184 and NL85/169).
Dated at Wellington this 22nd day of May 2012.
MARK NEESON, Chief Executive, New Zealand Walking Access Commission.