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Pursuant to sections 15 and 16 of the Wildlife Act 1953, the Minister of Conservation amends the entry for the Auckland/Waikato Fish and Game Region on page 957 of the "Open Season for Game in Fish and Game Regions" Notice, Supplement to the New Zealand Gazette,
14 March 2012, No. 32, page 949, as follows:
"6 Upland Game Properties with Special Conditions
6.1 This clause applies to the following properties only:
6.1.1 Matingarahi Station: Property owned by Trade Lines Malaysian Limited located at 621 Orere-Matingarahi Road, some 8.8 kilometres south-west of Orere Point, bounded by Orere-Matingarahi Road on the eastern and northern boundary, and Auckland Regional Council Hunua Ranges Regional Park on the southern and western boundaries, being 969 hectares, and contained in Certificates of Title NA1194/74 and NA138B/207.
6.1.2 Leigh Barton property at 314 Aspin Road, Cambridge. The property is owned by J & C Erkkila Family Trust, located north-east of Cambridge. The boundaries are Aspin Road to the north, and private farm land to the east and west with Mangakawa Reserve to the south. The property is 211 hectares, more or less, and contained in Certificate of Title SA674/278.
6.2 Where hunting takes place in any specified property defined in this notice, no person shall have in that person's possession outside that specified property, any game taken from that specified property, unless affixed to the game is a label with the name of the specified property where that game was taken or killed written legibly on it, and, in the case of the Leigh Barton property, the additional words on the label, "for personal consumption, not for sale or profit" written legibly on it.
6.3 Birds released on any specified property shall not have their wings clipped after 8 weeks of age.
6.4 Birds released on any specified property shall not have their beaks clipped at any time.
6.5 Pheasants released shall not be hunted before 18 weeks of age and red legged partridges shall not be hunted before 16 weeks of age.
6.6 Waterfowl shall not be hunted on specified property on the same day that a pheasant or red legged partridge hunt takes place on that property.
6.7 The unlimited daily bag for any specified property shall only apply when at least 1,000 pheasants and/or red legged partridges have been released on to that specified property within 5 months of the opening day of the season; otherwise the daily bag limit shall be 3 birds.
6.8 The property owner of the Leigh Barton property shall keep a register of the names and addresses of hunters and all other persons who take game from that property, the number and type of birds taken by that person, and the description of that person's role in the hunt and kill of game birds on that day."
Approved at Wellington this 3rd day of May 2012
Hon Peter Dunne
Associate Minister of Conservation