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Education (Matters That an Organisation That Has a Plan Must Include in a Plan Summary) Notice

Pursuant to section 159Y of the Education Act 1989
("the Act"), the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC)
gives the following notice.
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1. Title-This notice may be cited as the Education (Matters That an Organisation That Has a Plan Must Include in a Plan Summary) Notice.
2. Commencement-This notice applies from the date of its publication.
3. Application-This notice revokes and replaces the Education (Matters That an Organisation That Has a Plan Must Include in a Plan Summary For 2011-2013) Notice 20101.
4. Content requirements for a plan summary-In accordance with the requirements of section 159YO(1)
of the Act, the TEC prescribes the matters that an organisation that has a Plan must include in a Plan Summary, as follows:
(i) Plan Context
The Plan Context must establish the framework for the proposed Plan by presenting the TEO’s strategic direction: that is, its particular mission, role and functions, reflecting any changes in response to
the Tertiary Education Strategy (TES) priorities and how it intends to give effect to those priorities in the short and medium term.
The Plan Context must give key information about the TEO and its operating environment, including
a summary of the nature and scope of the TEO’s functions and intended operations over the next three years. It must explain:
- how the TEO intends to respond to Government priorities in the Tertiary Education Strategy 2010-15;
- how the TEO intends to identify and respond
to the needs of its community of learners and potential learners, industry and employers, and in particular:
- how it will accelerate improvement of participation and achievement for Maori learners;
- how it will accelerate improvement of participation and achievement for Pacific learners;
- how it will accelerate improvement of participation, engagement and achievement
of young learners aged under 25; and
- how it will adapt its provision to support the needs of industry and employers;
- how the TEO has performed against the commitments it made in its last Plan (for TEOs that have previously received Plan funding);
- the findings of any quality assurance reviews; and
- any key changes the TEO is making that are likely to have a significant impact on its educational performance or other outcomes.
For tertiary education institutions (universities, institutes of technology and polytechnics, and wananga) only, the Plan Context section should
also briefly explain how the institution will manage its capital assets to support its mission and role over the period of the proposed Plan (including any new significant capital initiatives).
(ii) Summary of Activity
The Plan must include a Summary of Activity that sets out information on planned delivery over the period of the proposed Plan. The proposed activity must align with and support the achievement of the strategic direction presented in the Plan Context.
The Summary of Activity must include information about:
- planned programmes and activities for which the TEO is seeking Student Achievement Component (SAC) or Industry Training Fund funding, including learner numbers by New Zealand Qualification Framework Level;
- other planned programmes and activities for which funding is sought from the TEC, including learner numbers;
- total TEC funding sought;
- planned learner numbers in more detail, if requested by the TEC, for non-SAC-funded programmes and activities; and
- a brief description of other programmes and activities not funded by the TEC, including significant activities undertaken through subsidiary bodies.
The TEC will provide guidance to TEOs about the format in which they must submit this information.
(iii) Performance Commitments
This section sets out proposed performance commitments that the TEC will use to evaluate
the TEO’s performance. The TEC will provide
all TEOs with information about specific metrics they must use when making certain performance commitments, and in some cases will specify minimum commitments for TEOs.
In addition to the mandatory commitments set by the TEC, TEOs may propose additional commitments as they see fit in the following areas, aligned to their Plan Context and Summary of Activity:
- Achievement against the Government priorities in the Tertiary Education Strategy 2010-2015;
- meeting the needs of learners, particularly:
- Maori learners;
- Pacific learners;
- young people under 25 years; and
- learners needing improved literacy, language and numeracy skills;
- meeting the needs of employers, businesses and industry;
- improving performance (including but not limited to educational performance) across TEC-funded programmes and activities;
- any key initiatives and/or changes related to
the outcomes the TEO is seeking to contribute through its proposed Plan, as outlined in the
Plan Context.
Tertiary education institutions should include their forecast Statement of Service Performance (SSP) in their Plan summary.
Nothing in this notice requires an organisation to include in its Plan Summary information which would:
- disclose a trade secret; or
- be likely to unreasonably prejudice the commercial position of the organisation; or
- prejudice or disadvantage the commercial activities of the organisation.
Dated at Wellington this 23rd day of March 2012.
COLIN WEBB, Deputy Chief Executive, Tertiary Education Commission.
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1New Zealand Gazette, 18 November 2010, No. 154, page 3844.