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Land Notices
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Classification and Union of Reserves

Under the Reserves Act 1977, the Conservation Support Manager for the Tongariro/Whanganui/Taranaki Conservancy of the Department of Conservation classifies the reserves described in the First Schedule as recreation reserves and declares that on and after the date of publication of this notice, the reserves described in the First Schedule shall be united with the reserves described in the Second Schedule to form one reserve.
South Auckland Land District-Taupo District
First Schedule
ha Description
Lots 313 and 314 DP 356786 (all Computer Freehold Registers 234767 and 234768).
Second Schedule
ha Description
Section 1 SO 59452 situated in Block VI Tauhara Survey District (all New Zealand Gazette, 21 April 1994, No. 36, page 1411).
Dated at Turangi this 22nd day of July 2011.
(DOC PAR-05-02-06)